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Bardhaman Science Centre


Bardhaman Science Centre, is the district level science centre, under National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, started her journey on 9th January 1994. This Centre hosts an interesting voyage around science. Being a famous tourist destination, it is visited by a huge number of visitors / tourists from most of the areas of Bardhaman and different parts of neighboring districts. Amazing facts and mechanisms of science are displayed in this Centre as a work of magic. The prominent exhibition of the Centre includes the mystery behind flying objects, game of energy ball, wonders of chemistry show and many more very interesting exhibits /shows. In a word, the Science Centre is the classic spectacle of scientific evolution.
Beside the natural aesthetic beauty, the main attractions of the centre are 3D Theater, Science Shows , Science Magic & Miracle shows, Taramandal Shows and Sky Observation through Telescope.
The centre has galleries on Fun Science, Human Performance and Life Science Corner . The interactive exhibits of the Human Performance gallery involve activities related to human endurance, human reflex, human senses and co-ordination, human agility, human capability and human perception. They offer challenges to the visitors and make them take part in the exhibition and enjoy. In the Fun Science Gallery one can learn through fun, the principles of various scientific topics. In Life Science corner one can know various activities of life through the interaction with exhibits. All along the visit the visitors can touch and feel the objects and participate in order to stimulate their inquisitive mind.